In-house virtual classroom

In-house virtual classroom

Studying by virtual classroom gives you the best of both worlds. Not only do you benefit from sessions run by an expert health and safety trainer, you then follow this up with market-leading eLearning content that helps reinforce what you’ve learnt in the classroom. Our in-house courses can be run at a time to suit you, giving you the opportunity to bring together your colleagues across the organisation so you can benefit from each other’s experiences. Then you can put all that knowledge into practice with our engaging eLearning content.

“Study online by virtual classroom, with a blend of live online tutorials and eLearning materials.”

Claire Deacon, Director of health and safety services
Claire Deacon
  • Combines the flexibility of eLearning with the interaction of live online tutorials.
  • Studying by virtual classroom allows flexibility to study at home or your office.
  • Learners are fully supported by highly qualified trainers throughout the training course.
  • Trainers use Microsoft Teams to deliver the virtual classroom element of the course, allowing learners the opportunity to interact, ask questions and gain direct feedback.
  • The trainer-led tutorials include a range of interactive activities to test learners' understanding of the course's key learning outcomes and to demonstrate industry-specific examples.
  • The training can be fully tailored to your organisation so your learners can put theory into practice using your own policies and procedures and real-life documentation.
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  • With virtual classroom, learners can undertake their training from a location of their choice, allowing them greater flexibility than traditional classroom courses. The remaining content is accessed online, at your own pace and from any device.
  • Virtual classroom provides significant cost savings estimated at 80% of traditional learning, and increases employee productivity.
  • Our award-winning eLearning provides learners with a flexible timeframe to complete the course via mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • Tutorials support the key elements of the course so learners don’t feel isolated or left to their own devices.
  • Companies can build in their own policies, procedures, leadership messaging and real-life cases to create a unique client-centric course.
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In-house Virtual Classroom Courses:

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