Face-to-face classroom

Face-to-face classroom

Our face-to-face classroom training is conducted at your choice of location. Our health and safety trainer will come to your company’s premises or another venue of your choice, delivering the training in a traditional classroom format.

“Face-to-face training helps get every learner engaged in the subject. It’s great to see learners sparking ideas off each other, learning in a safe and familiar space.”

Kate Gardner, Health and safety trainer
Kate Gardner
  • Face-to-face classroom training is delivered by one of our experienced trainers at a location of your choice.
  • Learners are fully supported by our health and safety trainers, who will guide them through the training course, ensuring learners are fully prepared for any end of course assessments.
  • Course content can be tailored specifically to your company’s requirements.
  • Study alongside your colleagues in a familiar environment.
  • No need to travel to another venue – we come to you!
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  • International Workplace has over 25 years’ experience in face-to-face workplace training.
  • We have the ability to tailor all our course content to provide a personalised learning experience, including health and safety policies, procedures, case study examples and leadership messaging.
  • Bring together colleagues from different parts of your organisation to help learn from others’ experiences.
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Face-to-face Classroom Courses:

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