A tried and tested approach – why Stork chose a training provider it could trust


Stork UK provides integrated and standalone services for asset integrity, maintenance and modifications across energy and industrial sectors. George Akers, Regional Director HSSEQ at Stork tells us how International Workplace’s ‘try before you buy’ approach helped him choose a training provider he could trust.

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An opportunity to enhance knowledge through digital learning

"My job as HSSEQ Director for Stork’s UK operations is to facilitate a standard approach with regards to our cultural health and safety evolution. We have a safer together methodology, which covers the three principles of caring, supporting and protecting – that applies to our behaviours across the business, from all members of the workforce, to the UK Leadership Team.

"In 2020, we were going through a period of change due to the impact of COVID-19, but from engaging with the senior management team it was clear that there was an opportunity to enhance their knowledge on health and safety matters. I asked our internal training department here to help me identify some external training providers that could facilitate digital learning. From engaging with each of them, it was clear that International Workplace was the most flexible for our needs, with regards to the way it supports learners."

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"I found it to be very intuitive, a good refresh of my knowledge, and the instructions for how to register, complete your assessment and the project were crystal clear. "

George Akers, Regional Director, HSSEQ

Try before you buy

"We were looking to train around 40 managers, so rather than just invest blindly in a course, I wanted to be able to experience it for myself first. So I approached the training companies to allow me to have access to their training materials and International Workplace was very supportive and accommodating. They allowed me to register as a normal candidate would, so that I could undertake the IOSH Managing Safely course myself.

"My mantra is that I wouldn’t ask someone to do something I wouldn't normally do myself. If the training turned out to be poor, it would be me that loses the respect and integrity of the team. So I did the course myself. I found it to be very intuitive, a good refresh of my knowledge, and the instructions for how to register, complete your assessment and the project were crystal clear. I'm not the most IT savvy, but it was simple to use."

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Embedding IOSH Managing Safely throughout the company via eLearning

"The feedback was really positive from our senior leaders who completed the course, so we decided to invest in another 40 licenses for 2022. We will continue to embed the health and safety principles through the IOSH Managing Safely course into the next level of managers and operational supervisors. Our aspiration as a business is to be the industry reference and this is going to help us make the make the right HSEQ decisions.

"Elearning has allowed our managers the flexibility to progress through the training at their own pace. This allows the freedom for individuals to take charge of their own learning as opposed to sitting in a classroom for three or four days. It’s helping to drive efficiencies and collaboration across the UK, whilst meaning we don’t have individuals travelling unnecessarily to undertake training. It’s a win-win for us and I can't speak more highly of Simon and the team."

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